How To Groom Your Poodle At Home – Tips For Taking Care Of Poodle

A pet grooming brush is an essential item for dogs, especially those with long, thick, and shaggy hair like Poodles. This is a dog with a very unique coat structure; they have a distinctive curly, ruffled coat that enhances their beauty. As a result, it is critical to keep the dog’s fur smooth and tangle-free. Don’t skip the step of taking care of your pet’s coat by using a pet grooming brush for Poodle. However, many dog owners are still unaware of how to groom a poodle at home, so let’s go through this blog.

Learn about Poodle’s fur features

The skin and fur of a shaggy dog, such as a Poodle, are essential variables in reflecting look and health status. Poodle hair is easily stuck and soiled if not properly and frequently cared for, providing conditions for mold and germs to flourish. Unlike other breeds, the Poodle’s hair grows to a specific length, then stops and falls off. They also rarely shed but grow long unless trimmed, and the old hair that falls off can be tangled with new hair, resulting in an extremely knotted coat. In addition, the Poodle’s coat is always an inspiration for trimming into many different trendy styles.

Therefore, the Poodle dog’s fur must be precisely trimmed and brushed on a regular basis to keep the coat smooth and healthy and to avoid long shaggy hair that covers the face and obstructs the dog’s vision.

Benefits of grooming poodle at home

Keep the coat smoother and more lustrous

The Poodle’s curly and lengthy coat structure causes them to grow quite rapidly and makes their hair prone to tangling. Instead of using a conventional comb, which would simply make the coat more tangled, you should use a brush that is designed specifically for this type of dog. If you use a regular comb, the hair will become even more knotted. Even if your pup receives regular hair care, grooming is absolutely essential. Frequent brushing will help maintain the smoothness of the Poodle’s coat, remove dirt from the coat,…

Identify skin conditions in a timely manner

You will be able to identify skin diseases on your dog with ease if you brush your Poodle regularly. Regardless of whether the Poodle’s skin has any issues, any red spots, parasites, itchy fungus, or other conditions that manifest themselves on the skin, fur, eyes, mouth, or feet will be immediately identified. The owners of Poodles who brush their dogs once a week are better able to detect any health issues in their pets at an earlier stage, allowing for more prompt medical attention.

Groom your Poodle regularly for a healthy hair
Groom your Poodle regularly for a healthy hair

Essential step before bathing

When do you usually groom your poodle at home? The most likely answer will be at the time of preparing to bathe the dog. Brushing your dog’s coat before bathing is important since it helps to untangle the coat and eliminate filth, helping the pet bathing process easier and the Poodle more comfortable. In particular, prior to trimming, you should brush and bathe the dog to provide a clean and silky coat.

How to groom a poodle at home properly

Step 1: Choose a appropriate brush to groom a poodle

“How to groom a poodle at home” might be the question that many dog owners wonder. Now, let us demonstrate to you how to groom a poodle at home properly. There are numerous sorts of grooming brushes on the market now that are used to comb the hair of various types of pets. We must select the appropriate pet grooming brush based on the features of the dog’s hair. We should not choose a brush at random because it will have negative consequences and may even harm the Poodle’s skin and hair.

Below are the most common 2 types of grooming brush usually used to brush the Poodle’s coat. That is:

Furminator Comb

This is the kind of comb that is utilized for grooming and detangling the hair of a Poodle. The handle of the comb is designed to be simple to operate, and the head of the comb is constructed with teeth that are spaced closely together to facilitate the removal of up to 90% of loose hair without causing any discomfort to the Poodle. The use of a Furminator comb will significantly reduce the amount of tangled hair that is typical of Poodles.

Groom Your Poodle At Home with Furminator

Hagen Doggo Comb

When it comes to the dog grooming brushes, we simply must bring up the pet items manufactured by Hagen. This particular product line of this brand—a comb designed specifically for Poodles—always ranks among the most popular of its many available options. As a result of the form of the comb teeth, which prevents them from being overly thick, even a single brush will be sufficient to detangle even the most matted hair and entirely remove any dead hair. In addition, the comb features an automatic button that, with a light touch of the finger, will release all of the hairs that are caught on the comb. Surely after using this grooming brush, your baby Poodle will own a soft and smooth coat as desired.

This is a comb that is not only designed for Poodles but is also appropriate for any other dog breeds that have a double coat or breeds with long, thick hair. You can swiftly and simply remove dead hair from your dog with this brush, and it can also assist you in detangling your dog’s hair.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Poodle
2-Sided Pin/Bristle Brush, Dog Brush for Shedding
Soft Silicone Pet Shampoo Massage Dispenser Short Long Haired Dogs

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Step 2: How to groom a poodle at home with dog grooming brush

After choosing a suitable Poodle comb for dogs. Are you still wondering how to groom a poodle at home properly? To brush Poodle according to the standard of dog and cat spa services, take a look at the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Use grooming gloves to remove the broken hair of your Poodle.

Step 2: Use a detangling comb to separate tangled hairs. For unrecoverable clumps of hair, you can use scissors to cut it off. Pay attention to it carefully, brush each small area and part the hair evenly so as not to cause pain to the dog.

Step 3: Use a dog grooming brush that is specifically designed for Poodles. With the help of this comb, the dog’s hair will become less tangled and more fluffy.

You only need to spend ten minutes per day grooming, and the fur will become far more manageable. In addition, throughout the procedure, you can apply hair conditioners to the Poodle’s hair to make it more fragrant and give it a softer feel.

Some important notes when grooming Poodle at home:

  • Understanding the structure of the hair: Poodle’s hair has a curly, thick, strong structure and grows very quickly. Therefore, it is easy to become sticky when the weather is hot.
  • Groom your Poodle regularly: Grooming a Poodle takes a lot of time. If lost hair is mixed with new hair, the hair will be easily tangled and no longer shiny. Not only that, it also creates a feeling of tightness, heat, affecting the skin. If you want your dog to always be beautiful and shiny, pay attention to brushing your dog’s coat regularly.
  • Brush in order: Head -> face -> ears -> neck -> front legs -> chest -> belly -> back -> buttocks -> hind legs -> tail.
  • Brush in the right direction: While brushing your dog’s hair, you should always brush in the direction of hair growth or vertically upwards. Dogs do not like to have their hair combed backwards, and this can cause tangles and breaking.

More ways to care for your Poodle’s hair

Strengthen the hair of Poodle with food

Providing the Poodle with the appropriate quantity of protein and fat in its diet will assist in maintaining a healthy coat. The regular diet of a Poodle should include supplemental protein from sources such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, and eggs. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that can be found in fish, olive oil, and coconut oil are the types of fat that are beneficial to the skin and help maintain the Poodle’s healthy coat. If you wish to give your Poodle omega-3 and omega-6 supplements, you should first consult with a veterinarian.

Bathe your Poodle weekly

Poodles need to be bathed at least every 2 weeks. Before bathing, you should clean the ears and nails. For the Poodle breed, you need to pluck the inner ear hairs to avoid dirt leading to infection and fungus. Then, use cotton to cover the ears to prevent water from getting wet.

  • Before bathing dog: give its fur a quick rinsing with some clean water.
  • Add some bath oil: then massage the dog’s body gently to remove any filth that is on the dog’s body.
  • After 2-3 minutes: wipe away all of the oil, and then use a hair conditioner designed for dogs to smooth the dog’s coat. Conditioner works to smooth the hair and add moisture to both the hair and the skin.
  • Rinse: conditioner with water and then use a hair dryer for the dog to dry the hair quickly. Pay attention to adjust the appropriate wind speed. Do not let the wind be too strong to make the dog uncomfortable and startled.

Be aware that when bathing a Poodle, it is necessary to thoroughly wet the skin and fur of the Poodle and apply soap or shower gel evenly across the entire surface of the skin and fur. At the same time, make sure to rinse all the soap, so that soap is not left on the skin or fur or else it will cause allergies for your Poodle. After bathing, do not forget to dry the fur completely, there is no water or moisture in any part of Poodle’s body, or you can let the dog dry in the sun.

In addition, if possible, at least once a month, take your Poodle to the Spa. The grooming staff at the Spa have techniques to keep the Poodle clean and fragrant such as cleaning the abdomen, squeezing the sweat glands, these are techniques you can hardly do if you bathe your Poodle yourself at home.

How to cut/trim Poodle’s hair

If you are taking care of a Poodle and you see that its hair is excessively long, you should trim it since there is a possibility that parasites will begin to multiply on the longer hair.  Many other people worry about grooming their Poodle since they have no idea how to cut/trim the hair without damaging their dog. Therefore, you should take them to the Spa to have their coat trimmed, there are many ways to style their coat to make daily brushing easier.

Don't forget to trim the hair!
Don’t forget to trim the hair!

This is specialized work that will help make pets more beautiful with fashionable trimmings. You also have the option of learning how to trim your dog’s hair at home, although this method can result in a messy or undersized cut. Hence, before attempting it on your own, gather the necessary equipment, including scissors, a comb, and a trimmer, and do some thorough research.

Dye your Poodle’s hair 

If you love colors or want your dog to stand out, you can dye their fur. However, this is not recommended because it can cause damage to the dog’s coat and skin, chemicals contain many dangers. If your puppy is suffering from a skin condition, you should avoid dying their hair.

  • Prepare the necessary equipment: prior to coloring the hair, you will need to brush the Poodle’s hair well. At the same time, get all of the necessary tools ready. Contains a comb, a brush, gloves, dye, a straight comb, a split comb, and a rubber band, bristle brush, no trimmer needed.
  • Sequence of hair dyeing: back, tail, ears. In addition, the color of hair dye should be decided based on the season and gender.