Fur&Purr Cat Grooming Brush & Massager Indoor Cats & Dogs


Brand Furr&Purr
Color Teal
Bristle Material Soft and Flexible Bristles
Product Benefits Scalp Stimulation, Improves Circulation, Deshedding
Unit Count 1.00 Count

  • Bond with your cat every day with this easy to use, multi-task friendly invention.
  • The Furr&Purr massager and groomer is designed to improve your bond with your furry friend and create a cat calming effect. With its unique design to stimulate the face, head, and chin, your cat will purr instantly.
  • Designed with purrpose. The bristles are soft and flexible to effectively remove loose hair, reduce shedding, and encourage healthy skin.
  • Use on any finger. The ergonomic design includes air channels for comfort and extended use.
  • Designed and Made in the USA by true cat lovers.