Poodle Pet Bundle – Slicker Brush for Small and Large Dogs Pet Hair Remover Grooming Brush


Brand Poodle Pet
Handle Material Rubber, Plastic
Unit Count 1 Count
Hair Type Curly, Fine
Material Plastic, Metal, Rubber

  • Your dog will thank you! This ultimate grooming combination is the secret to the best-kept coat. Use to gently and effectively get rid of dirt, loose hairs, knots, and matted hair. Comfort rubber non-slip handle with convenient hanging hole makes it so much easier!
  • FINE WIRE PINS: The slicker brush features fine wire pins, angled to prevent scratching, topped with a plastic tip for added comfort. egular use deters matting and helps tidy the hair. If you come across a mat, brush the mat in different directions using the rotating feature. This will help loosen the mat until you can brush through it. Be careful not to pull the hair.
  • IF YOUR POOCH HAS CURLY HAIR OR A DOUBLE COAT, the slicker brush is your best friend. Brush your pup’s coat from the surface to the end of the hair with the slicker brush. Be careful not to scrape the wires on the skin. You are working out the dead hair. If your pup has medium to long hair, lift the hair as you brush out toward the end of the hair.
  • TO USE GROOMING RAKE: It is important to get the brush down to the skin as massaging action helps loosen and remove dandruff flakes. Start by gently grooming down the back & towards the tail, being careful not to harm eyes or ears. Smooth your dog’s neck brushing downwards. If your dog has long hair on the back of the legs (feathering), comb it out as it has a tendency to tangle. Lastly, brush gently on the soft underbelly to remove any remaining loose hair.
  • POODLE PET’S UNDERCOAT RAKE WORKS WELL ON MANY COAT TYPES including double coated breeds, heavy coats, and rustic coat types. They work exceptionally well on any breed that is hand-stripped like many of the Sporting or Terrier breeds. Just be sure to monitor your progress as you work this tool over the dog.